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Let's say that I have a web-application on which some users will come and use it. My application is built in PHP and uses MySQL as a database. I need to know how much traffic I need to buy, what size of disk etc...For all of these things, I need a tool which will monitor the application.

Can you recommend me a tool/tools which I can use in order to know what my web-application really needs?

ps: My host is on a Linux/GNU machine.

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Take a look at MRTG if you want something simple. I've implemented it on a Windows machine, but as far as I know there are additions and resources to run this on almost any platform. It's written in Perl so very easy to customize. It is originally built to monitor SNMP messages on routers, but again can be extended to almost anything.

And best of all, It's free. http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/

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Plesk and Cpanel are two of the more popular monitoring software I am aware of. However they are not free , but you can check to see if its within your budget.

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If you're looking for traffic stats, why not use Google Analytics? It's not going to give you a precise Mb throughput but you could easily extrapolate that out based on usage activity. And the price is right :)

Alternatively, analyse the log files from the web server.

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you can use this python script to monitor traffic passing through an interface. This script can be used with nagios to do alerting


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