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i have install activemq 5.5.1 in my c:\programFiles\activemq\...
and from the command prompt i have installed it and set enviroment variable.

and i have also run it. and it is also running on local host.

i have write a java program in my eclipse editor.
and i have added Activiemq library in project form that path.



but i am also confuse What the use of that c:\programFiles\activemq... installation how i use it.

I want to only to create my first Activiemq program through java.

plz help

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The installation of ActiveMQ gives you everything you need to run the broker standalone by just running the activemq.bat under the bin directory. It's just a nice way of packaging the application as opposed to just giving you some jar files. If you want to run the broker inside a Java program you just need to include the jars for the broker and you won't need to use the installation directory again.

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