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I want to have several texts in latex which are boxed in a circle or more in a rounded box. I tried to use:


but this \pgfnodecircle command does not allow me to write text inside the nodecircle. I could have added text with \pgfnodebox but I really want the text to be surrounded by rounded boxes and not by rectangular boxes.

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maybe you want the block environments: block, theorem, proof, and example? You can then find a Beamer style to make them rounded.

\begin{block}{Block title}
text here
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Exactly what I was looking for via google :-) I forgot the name of the command. –  Konrad Höffner Mar 14 '13 at 14:20

The commands \ovalbox and \Ovalbox defined package fancybox might help:


Please have a look at the documentation of the fancybox package for more details.

Other interesting commands: \boxed defined in the amsmath package and \shabox defined in the shadow package.

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Try this:

{Definition - What is A:} 
$A:= 2 + 5$.
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