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I have a list of test items, in the form of this:


I need to get the integer, the number at the beginning of the string, to store in a variable to use in an AJAX call. I first used the [0] parameter on the string, only to realize that was just stupid. Can anyone help me?

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parseInt('8;SLEEP_MODE', 10);

Don't forget the second argument (i.e. the radix) which tells the numeral system in which you want to parse your number. If you don't, you will sometimes get weird results like a conversion into the octal system (if your number starts with a leading 0).

EDIT: Using split prior to the parsing is right but unnecessary here, because parseInt will stop when it encounters non-digit characters.

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You can split the string into an array

var str = '8;SLEEP_MODE';
var arr = str.split(';');

// arr[0] is 8 
// arr[1] is SLEEP_MODE
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You can use a split first, eg.

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parseInt() will extract the number for each line.


 parseInt('8;SLEEP MODE') // = 8
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