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Issue : Windows server 2003 Scheduling task Occasionally not working

Os : Windows server 2003, Enterprise edition, Sp2

Issue : Scheduling task

       Task: - for every 1 min the exe application will be triggered.

       Occasionally not working ----- so we have to manually run the application then it will work perfect.

Application Type : Console application

Scheduling is running but the exe is not triggered

Could you please give me a solution for this issue ?



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  1. Check execution time of console application. There are chances that execution of console application is taking more than 1 min.
  2. option in settings tab - "Allow task to be run on demand" is checked
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Thanks for your reply, I checked the execution time of the application. Yes sometimes it may take more than 1 min also to complete the process. Even if the processing time is more than 1 min, after completing the current one. it will start the new one as per scheduling. But occasionally the scheduling is in the running state but the exe is not triggered. I think the problem is not in the console application which I am running. It’s something to deal with task scheduling and its services or any other settings. –  LaxmaN Nov 9 '11 at 13:18

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