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i'm trying this:

controls = new THREE.FirstPersonControls(camera);

controls.movementSpeed = 1000; controls.lookSpeed = 0.125; controls.lookVertical = true;

it didn't work, From here i found out that i need to update the control with time delta:

var clock = new THREE.Clock();

controls.update( clock.getDelta() );

but I get undefined is not a function error for THREE.Clock()

can you please point me to working demo/tutorial with FirstPersonControls, or just tell me whats wrong?


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Have you tried simply calling controls.update(); (withough passing a delta) ?

I've just tried using the class by copying a bit of code from the misc_sound.html example. So in init():

controls = new THREE.FirstPersonControls( camera );

                controls.movementSpeed = 70;
                controls.lookSpeed = 0.05;
                controls.noFly = true;
                controls.lookVertical = false;

and in render():


Have you checked if there are any errors in console ?

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Hey that worked! thanks! got confused by post on similar problem. – Sergej Popov Nov 9 '11 at 13:40
please see ToddMorrison's answer, if like me you blindly started copy/pasting first :P The call needs controls.update(delta); – jozxyqk Dec 8 '13 at 0:52

Please note that in R49, this api now requires the 'delta' on the update call. The delta needs to be the millisecond displacement since last update, which should be passed out through the requestAnimationFrame callback.

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