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I have an app with RichFaces 4.0.0.Final and JSF 2.0. When I try to use selection in extendedDataTable, it doesn`t work.

                    id="shipmentList" value="#{shipmentListBean.shipmentList}" var="shipment"
                    rowClasses="#{shipment.paymentDate == null ? 'unpaidShipment' : null}"
                    selectionMode="single" noDataLabel="#{msgs.emptyList}"                        
                    style="width: 1200px; font-size: 10px; ">


public class ShipmentListBean implements Serializable {

    private Collection<Object> selection = null;

    public ShipmentListBean() {

    public List<ShipmentValueObject> getShipmentList() {

    public Collection<Object> getSelection() {
        return selection;

    public void setSelection(Collection<Object> selection) {
        this.selection = selection;

Why in method selSelection(Collection selection) empty collection come when I select row in table?

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you can use selection like this

in ShipmentListBean 

  private SimpleSelection selection = new SimpleSelection();

    // now time to get a selected Row id from the extendedDataTable. 
    // this method you can call on any button after selecting the row from the extendedDataTable
    public void selectedRecord(){
                Iterator<Object> iterator = getSelection().getKeys();

                    // Here you will get all the selected roes id from the Data table
                    Object obj = iterator.next();

                    info("GET SELECTED ROWS ID ::::: " + obj.toString());

            }catch(Exception e){
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