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I'm trying to add a draggable image wrap inside a <div> to a content editable <div>. My problem is when I make the <div> draggable; it keeps the place holder. Space is reserved even if I moved the object, and I want to disable that. How can I do it?

This is my code:

var cont = $('<div/>').draggable().attr('contenteditable',false);
var img = $('<img/>').attr('src',file.url).attr('height','100px').attr('width','150px');

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Would need some more code (html) to test this, but offhand I'd say try one of the following:

1) try setting the helper property to original: $('').draggable({helper:'original'}); 2) try setting your draggable as a sortable with of course helper at original: $('').sortable({helper:'original'});

Also I don't see where you've connected your drag and drop zones, use the {connectWith: '.dropzone'} when you initiate your system.

I'd like to actually try it out before I tell you what to do, but that's what I'd try first.

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hi, i tried that, but it seems it wont work :(, surprisingly when i make it resizable() it removes the placeholder when i try to re size it. –  Janaka Nov 10 '11 at 3:28

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