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I have successfully created WLS 10.3.5 domains using offline WLST, along the lines of readTemplate(template); set("name","DomainName"); ...

One detail remains: I need to set the "Credential" of each domain to a common random value, across all domains, for "global trust". It's the setting that's behind Console / Domain / Security / General / Advanced / "Credential"

Question: I fail to find the property (or its location?) that one needs to set for this?

FWIW, I use post-processing on config.xml file level now to inject an encrypted common value string as <credential-encrypted> , but I'd rather just set this via WLST without tweaking the resulting XML.

Thanks in advance, Matthias

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I suggest you to use createDomain() command it will be much easy to work.

  1. createDomain('/olddoamin/path/template.jar’,’domainPath’,’user’, ‘passwd’)

For more you can see the following link: WLST by Examples: Domain migration made simple

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Thanks Pavan. It's not the 'passwd' argument in your createDomain that I'm having a problem with setting, it's the "domain credential" attribute. – mgaert Nov 11 '11 at 14:54
Thanks for the pointer to that excellent page of yours. What I'm actually after is something similar to 1. set('ListenPort',10300) # Changing Admin Server ListenPort in your example. Just more along the lines of 2. set('Credential','Shared_Secret') – mgaert Nov 11 '11 at 14:58

As you told your navigation on the console, I found on WLST navigation property location it is having in the followingpath:

  1. wls:/offline/mydomain/SecurityConfiguration/mydomain>ls()

    -rw- CredentialEncrypted ????????

It is with -rw- so you can update it right?

Hope this will help you.

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Thanks, right direction! Funny thing is, this is only available when you use readDomain(...) to read an existing domain. Then this attribute and indeed its parent are there and can be set. The template does not contain SecurityConfiguration, so one cannot navigate there, and set the attribute, before the domain is written. Thanks @Pavan, for the pointer. Will take it from here! – mgaert Nov 16 '11 at 14:36

Right, this works. The key is to not work on the template, but to read the doman from its domain directory. Then it's just setting the attribute CredentialEncrypted:

cd('/SecurityConfiguration/' + 'domain_name)
set('CredentialEncrypted', encrypt(shared_credential,domain_dir))

shared_credential should be something random. I used a hex-encoded digest of the newly-created config.xml file, which contains enough randomness.

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