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Im trying to select from a collection in linq based on an id on an object of that collection.

List<List<myobject>> master = new List<List<myobject>>();
List<myobject> m1 = new List<myobject>();
List<myobject> m2 = new List<myobject>();

m1.Add(new myobject{name="n1",id=1});
m1.Add(new myobject{name="n2",id=2});
m1.Add(new myobject{name="n3",id=3});

m2.Add(new myobject{name="m1",id=1});
m2.Add(new myobject{name="m2",id=2});
m2.Add(new myobject{name="m3",id=3});

What i want is to, with lambda/linq, is to get all the objects with id=2 from the master.

The senario im using this in is a mongodb with this structure.


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var result = master.SelectMany(n => n).Where(n => n.id == 2);

SelecMany will flatten the hierarchical list to one large sequential list, and then Where will filter for your condition.

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You can do it like this:

var result = master.SelectMany(m => m).Where(mo => mo.id == 2);
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You can use this:

var result = (from list in master from element in list where element.id == 2 select element);
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