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The follow problem I have, I made for a form a ajax/jquery validation. The validation works fine after the submit, when something is wrong during the validation, I get the errorMessage. But, the problem is. When something is 'OK' it wont submit the input.

My js code;

    ValidateAjax = {

    initialize: function(formid, endpoint){
        end_url = endpoint;
        form_id = '#'+formid;

            var formElementID = $(form_id+' input').attr('id');
            var check = ValidateAjax.doValidate(formElementID);
            return false;

    doValidate: function(id){
        var url = end_url;
        var data = $(form_id).serialize();
            if (response[id])

    getHTML: function(errArray){
        var o = '<ul class="errors">';
            o+='<li>'+ value+'</li>';
        return o;


My index view;

<? echo $this->form; ?>

My validation action;

public function validateformAction()
        $form = new Application_Form_Add();

My index action;

public function indexAction()

    $form                 = new Application_Form_Add();
    $this->view->form     = $form;

    // submit new blog - Validated by ajax
    if ($this->_request->isPost()) {
        if ($form->isValid($_POST)) {
            $data = $form->getValues();
            //do something

I hope someone can help me.

With kind regards, Nick

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You are always returning 'false' from the submit call. You need to return 'true' if there are no validation errors.

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