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The problem is when I use

$fname = isset($_POST['fname']) ? $_POST['fname'] : 'sample';

in PHP side after form submission with filled fname field getting output exactly what I filled, after submission with unfilled fname input field, getting output ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Used code !empty instead

$fname = !empty($_POST['fname']) ? $_POST['fname'] : 'sample';

after submission with unfilled fname input field, getting output sample.

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That's because the 'fname' variable is sent anyway, it's just empty but sent!

Try changing your form method from POST to GET and you'll see by yourself.

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isset() just checks whether the variable is NULL or not and won't throw an E_NOTICE error if you accessed an undefined index in an array (unlike is_null()).

It does not check whether the variable is containing an empty string!

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One might expect is_null() to check if it's null or not and isset() to check whether it is set at all. Sadly, though, your description is accurate. – Michael Krelin - hacker Nov 9 '11 at 14:28

This seems completely expected to me.

You submitted a form with an element called fname, so even though it was empty it was still set.

Meaning isset evaluates to true, hence you output nothing if you submit with nothing

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What is your question?

Using isset() on $_POST['key'] will return true in this circumstance, because the variable itself has been set and passed through from the form. Because you're assigning the value of $_POST['fname'] to the $fname variable, the value will always been assigned, even if it's empty.

empty() will return false if there is no assignment to that variable.

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It seems right to me. It happens that when input field is sent empty, it'll be empty in $_POST array, not NULL.

$_POST['fname'] = "";
isset($_POST['fname']) == true;

$_POST['fname'] = "";
!empty($_POST['fname']) == false;

What you could do is use array_key_exists to check it is in $_POST array instead of isset:

$_POST['fname'] = "";
array_key_exists('fname', $_POST) == true; // independent of its value
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