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I'm using the Facebook login with Koala for my RoR web application. I'm using Clearance authentication, and when user logs in with Facebook I'm recognizing the site existing user or subscribing a new user.

I am having an issue with logging out: I'm trying to logout of the site without logging out of Facebook. As I understood from the FB API, I should use the url for logging out:


When directing to that URL it seems like cookies changed, but then on the sign_in page when getting to the parse facebook cookies part (for checking if user logged in to facebook), the



OAuthException: Code was invalid or expired. The session is invalid because the user logged out

Like it deletes the whole session instead of just change the cookies...? * I checked and the cookie fbsr_... still exists! shoudln't it be changed to fbs_...?!

I would appreciate help on this. Thanks a lot! Moozly.

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No answers...? :-(. Please help... –  Moozly Nov 13 '11 at 7:55

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