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I am new to Fortran and have to build an interface between C# and Fortran for that. The passing of the argument from C# to Fortran works without problems, but the easier task, passing values inside the Fortran-code does not want to work...

When I want to pass parameters from one Fortran function to another, in this case from VdiFunctionRunner to TGA_810, the called function does not have the correct paramter-values.

This is a stripped down version of my code:

module VdiFunctionRunnerMain
  implicit none

    integer function VdiFunctionRunner ()
      !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT, StdCall :: VdiFunctionRunner
      implicit none      

      CHARACTER (256) :: inXTGA, copyXTGA
      CHARACTER (256) :: ARRAY_810(10)

      copyXTGA = 'test'      
      nrReturnValues = tga_810(copyXTGA, 1)
      VdiFunctionRunner = nrReturnValues
    end function VdiFunctionRunner

    integer function tga_810(xtga, testNr)
      character (256), intent(in)  :: xtga
      integer, intent(in) :: testNr
    end function tga_810

end module VdiFunctionRunnerMain

As you see the passed values should be 'test' and 1, but in the debugger I get only the first character of the array ('t') and testNr = 0. I guess there is no error in writing the code, isn't it? When the code is correct, does somebody know if this can be a compiler problem or something like that?

I am using the Intel 11 compiler.

Help is very much appreciated.

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If you print the variables do you get the same values as the debugger shows? –  eriktous Nov 9 '11 at 14:43
I dont find anything wrong. what's gonna happen if you have print*,xtga and print*,testNr inside the function tga_810? also, you have to set the value of tga_810, like tga_810=0, in order to get return value (i dont think this is related to the problem you described tho) –  yosukesabai Nov 9 '11 at 14:57
I printed it in a file and get the following results: xtgaValue: t testNr = 0 I have written them out without any spaces, but there are some in the file. Maybe thats a part of the problem? I uploaded the file here: dl.dropbox.com/u/35743818/results.txt –  thomacco Nov 9 '11 at 15:03
i created test main program and compiled it with gfortran on cygwin. I got 'test ' (long string) and 1, as expected.... The only change I needed to make was to use integer, external :: instead of external for those vdiXXX (i asssumed they are functions). –  yosukesabai Nov 9 '11 at 15:37
I had bad experience of passing character from excel/vba to dll written in fortran on compaq/dec/microsoft fortran (dont remember who owned it back then). i ended up not passing charater, and sticked to passing only reals and integers. this was like ~10 years ago. Does number come out right? did you try explicitly pass some value for Nr? –  yosukesabai Nov 9 '11 at 15:39

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