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I have two sliders in my view and I want to get both value when I slide each one . but whenever I try to do this the value of the other slider which is not sliding becomes zero and literally I get only one value.

this is what I have done

  • create two IBAction for each slider
  • create two property for each slider

    @property (retain , nonatomic ) IBOutlet UISlider * slider2;

    -(IBAction) slidingN : (id) sender
        UISlider * si = (UISlider *) sender;
        int value = (int) si.value;
        NSString * newText = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"%i" , value];
        myLable.text = newText;
        int valueD = (int)slider2.value;
        [self callSubView:value :valueD];

but the value is 0 how can I have both values?

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Problem Solved (surpassingly) after restarting Xcode

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