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I made some png images into round corner in image magick .But when I tried to make all the png images into JPG format, the round corner background is converting into white and I want the round corner should be in transparent.I am using these commands to make them transparent but not getting any good results.

1. convert image.png -background white -flatten -alpha off image.jpg
2. convert image.png -background none -flatten -alpha off image.jpg

Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciable.

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Jpgs cannot be transparent, only gifs and pngs (ok svgs too) so it will fill with white pixels in for transparent areas.

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The simple answer is you cannot do it. JPEG format simply does not support transparency. You have to leave the images in PNG format (or conver them to GIF - but why would you do that?)

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JPG does not support transparency in any form whatsoever. If you want transparency, you'll have to use PNG.

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