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As suggested by BalusC as an answer to this question, I wanto to create a managed property like this:

private String[] ftValues;

public String[] getFtValues(){ 
    return ftValues;

public void setFtValues(String[] values){
    ftValues = values;

In my project every managed bean declaration and settings has done in the faces-config.xml file. Putting the annotation in the code as suggested, doesn't bring me any result. ftValues is always null, even if I have one or more <input name="freetext"> Is it possible that the annotation is not take into consideration because the main configuration technique use the XML file?

How can I put the ManagedProperty declaration into the faces-config.xml? I tried adding


in the appropriate managed bean section, but it crashes with this error

Bean or property class java.lang.String[] for managed bean myBean cannot be found.

Any idea?

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Indeed, the annotations are ignored whenever you declare the bean in faces-config.xml. If removing the bean from faces-config.xml is really not an option for some unclear reason, then you need to remove the <property-class> to fix the problem. JSF can perfectly figure it by itself.

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