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When iOS 5 came out I decided to hop on the band wagon and use ARC for my next game project as well as GLKit.

Recently I have noticed that whenever I pop the game screen to the menu and attempt to load back into the game I get a exc_bad_access

Something is wrong with the way ARC is handling the releasing of my custom objects.

I have a predefined header with vertices/normals/textCoords for a tiled map. I load this in creating custom objects: Tiles -> Triangles -> Vertices. I used objects and GLKVectors to avoid using structs with arc. I interleave all the vertex/normal/textCoord data with vertexColor data as well as doing other things like calculating and storing the center of a tile. I create a single vbo for the map.

This all works, and renders. The crash comes randomly in either the Tile Object, Triangle Object or Vertex Object if I attempt to reload the view enough times. I am not even sure what code to show since arc is handling the memory management.

Below is the structure of my tiledMap. Any help would be wonderful.

@interface tgTiledMap : NSObject
GLuint _vertexArray;
GLuint _vertexBuffer;
GLuint _program;
GLuint _numVertices;
GLKMatrix4 _modelViewProjectionMatrix;
GLKMatrix3 _normalMatrix;
@property(strong,nonatomic) NSMutableArray * tiles;
@property(strong,nonatomic) NSMutableArray * walkablePath;
@property(assign)GLKVector4 currentColorSelection;

@interface tgTile : NSObject
@property (assign) GLKVector4 tileColor;
@property (assign) GLKVector3 titleCenter;
@property (strong,nonatomic) tgTiledMapTriangle * triangleOne;
@property (strong,nonatomic) tgTiledMapTriangle * triangleTwo;
@property (assign) BOOL isBuildable;

@interface tgTiledMapTriangle : NSObject
@property(strong,nonatomic) NSMutableArray * vertexList;

@interface tgTiledMapVertex : NSObject
@property (assign) GLKVector3 vertex;
@property (assign) GLKVector3 normal;
@property (assign) GLKVector2 textCoord;
@property (assign) GLKVector4 vertexColor;
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Have you tried enabling NSZombies and seeing which overreleased object is being messaged? That might give you a clue as to where the problem is. – Brad Larson Nov 9 '11 at 22:04
I fixed my original issue. It was a combination of another model loader that was using structs and wasn't playing nice with arc. I ran into another issue. For some reason my tile map renders fine on the device, but as soon as I run it with instruments the tile map disappears. – teagls Nov 11 '11 at 3:08

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