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i need to store all the informationen from the xml in an array. My code doesn't work, because I always get just the first item from the xml.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

            XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Load("http://www.thefaxx.de/xml/nano.xml");
        var items = from item in xdoc.Descendants("items")
                    select new
                        Title = item.Element("item").Element("title").Value,
                        Description = item.Element("item").Element("description").Value

        foreach (var item in items)
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What's the XML look like? – lc. Apr 30 '09 at 12:52
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How about:

    var items = from item in xdoc.Descendants("item")
                select new
                    Title = item.Element("title").Value,
                    // *** NOTE: xml has "desc", not "description"
                    Description = item.Element("desc").Value

It is a little hard to be sure without sample xml - but it looks like you intend to loop over all the <item>...</item> elements - which is what the above does. Your original code loops over the (single?) <items>...</items> element(s), then fetches the first <item>...</item> from within it.

edit after looking at the xml; this would be more efficient:

    var items = from item in xdoc.Root.Elements("item")
                select new {
                    Title = item.Element("title").Value,
                    Description = item.Element("desc").Value
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