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I am trying to export a user's calendar from Outlook 2007 to a PST file.

The calendar contains appointment items making use of an obsolete custom form (written in VBS).

This form attempts to retrieve data from a database server that no longer exists, which results in error messages appearing during the export. Eventually, the export hangs and does not complete.

What options do I have as far as methods to work around this problem?

Skipping the appointment items with this error would be acceptable, as long as the balance of non-erroneous appointment items can be exported.

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You can either

1) Filter out appointments with the custom message class by only specifying the standard IPM.Appointment class:

RestrictedItems = MAPIFolder.Items.Restrict("[MessageClass] = 'IPM.Appointment' ")

2) Or avoid using the Outlok Object Model by using Extended MAPi (C++ or Delphi) or Redemption (any language).

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