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Please guide me how can I find a particular div using jQuery for following html -

       <div class="tab_container">
            <div id="tabs-1111" class="tab_content" style="display: block;">
                <p>26 High Street, Slough, SL1 1EP</p>
            <div id="tabs-1110" class="tab_content" style="display: none;">
                <div id="GoogleMap_Canvas" 
                    style="width: 410px; height: 450px; position: relative; overflow: hidden;">

I want to check if first div with 'tab_content' class contains div with id = 'GoogleMap_Canvas' or not - which should come out to be false for above html as it is in second div.

I tried using -

if ($(".tab_content:first").children('#GoogleMap_Canvas').length > 0)
if ($(".tab_content:nth-child(1)").children('#GoogleMap_Canvas').length> 0)

which seems to be working fine for me.

However, I am confused why following jQuery returns null?

($(".tab_content")[1]).children('#GoogleMap_Canvas') //returns null

Thank you!

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Since you are checking for a unique id, this doesn't need to be that complicated.

if ($('#GoogleMap_Canvas').length > 0)
  //map div exists

I believe you are getting a null because you are calling .children on a non-jquery object. Try this:


or better:

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You could try using jQuery's has selector to get you the 'tab_content' div that contains the 'GoogleMap_Canvas' div:

var googleDivContainer = $(".tab_content").has('#GoogleMap_Canvas');
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This returns NULL


because $(".tab_content")[1] returns a DOM element which doesn't have a children method.

Add an extra "$" to cast the result to a jQuery object

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"I want to check if first div with 'tab_content' class contains div with id = 'GoogleMap_Canvas' or not"

use this:

if ($(".tab_container").children('.tab_content:first').children('#GoogleMap_Canvas').length > 0){
// do something
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Your last line returns null because $(".tab_content")[1] returns a DOM element, not a jQuery object, and DOM elements do not expose a children() method.

Note that eq() returns a jQuery object, so the following code would work:

var children = $(".tab_content").eq(1).children('#GoogleMap_Canvas');
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Try this:

var length = $(".tab_content[id*='GoogleMap_Canvas']").length;
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