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I am using this module:

Say for example my initialization code as follows:

    this.uploader = new FancyUpload2(this.uploader_element, this.list, {
        limitSize: _config.upload_max_filesize,
        verbose: false,

        url: this.form.action,

        path: this.options.root_dir + 'libraries/fancyupload/source/Swiff.Uploader.swf',

        typeFilter: {
            //'Images (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png)': '*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif; *.png'

        target: 'assets-browse',

Is this possible to invoke opening browse window, the same when I press element with id 'assets-browse'? I tried $('assets-browse').call('click') with no luck.

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try .fireEvent("click") or even fileinputel.focus() as file inputs usually start off by focus, not click - depends on how the event abstraction is done. – Dimitar Christoff Nov 9 '11 at 16:27

You can call a opening window's functions through opener. Use it like parent:

<script type="text/javascript">;
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