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Is it possible to programmatically control the certificate that Tomcat presents during SSL negotiation? I have a certificate in a non-JKS format, and currently I'm exporting it to PKCS#12 to have it loaded by Tomcat.

I'd like to be able to update the certificate presented while Tomcat is running as well, but this would require a re-export and restart, which I'm hoping to avoid.

Does anyone know if there are any programmatic ties into Tomcat that I could use to load/override/update a custom certificate?


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I think, certificate hot-swap is not possible with full Tomcat, it won't allow your webapp's code to access container configuration through API. But you can do it, if you run Tomcat in embedded mode. You need to remove old HTTP connector from container, create and initialize new connector with different certificate and add it to container.

In Tomcat 6 it would be look like this:

// your startup code
Embedded embedded = new Embedded();
// setup context, host, executor etc.
// ...
// your reload certificate API call
Connector con = createAndInitMyNewConnector();

I haven't tried it myself, but it should work.

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