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I have several models that includes nested classes and lists. Many of the class members have attributes that I also have to read in.

I'm looking for a dynamic way (possibly through Linq or Reflection) to retrieve the values and attributes of all generic objects within the specified model.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Using the ObjectManager as per x0r's suggestion, I can see all of the data. The remaining part of this issue requires member annotation. Is there some way to copy over the PropertyInfo of each class member?

ObjectWalker objectWalker = new ObjectWalker(objectToValidate);

foreach (Object o in objectWalker)
    if (isGeneric(o.GetType()))
        PropertyInfo property = o.GetType().GetProperty(o); // <-- This does not work... Need to obtain annotations somehow
        object[] Attributes = property.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(Attribute), true);

        foreach (Attribute attribute in Attributes)
            // Annotations processing goes here
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I've edited my reply. – Wouter de Kort Nov 10 '11 at 7:18

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Have a look at the ObjectWalker

It helps you to parse an object graph and visit all unique elements. As you can see it stores only a stack of objects and Current returns an Object.

You could modify this so the Walker would save a class that contains all the data you need for each property (Like a propertyinfo object or a list of attributes).

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