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I'm having trouble selecting the input value from this html:

<li class="t-item">
  <div class="t-mid">
    <span class="t-in t-state-selected">102/NAH</span>
    <input class="t-input" name="itemValue" value="subject:4033" type="hidden">

I can get the value of the <span> element using the following:

var text = $("#TreeView .t-state-selected").text();

How do I get the value of the sibling <input> element?

Here's the complete function, if it helps give some context (the event is a Telerik TreeView OnLoad event):

    function OnLoad(e) {
        // _lastSubject is known, find the selected node and get the detail
        var treeView = $('#TreeView').data('tTreeView');
        var text = $("#TreeView .t-state-selected").text();
        console.log("ugh, what I really want is the sibling input value"); 
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I tried next(), of course. By going through the process of writing the question out, my example is now working. I suppose that's the value in writing the question on SO. @JaredPar below also answers a question I had, which is, "Can I include "input" in the selection in case the elements shift slightly in a future release. – Brett Nov 9 '11 at 17:28
i'd use siblings instead of next, it's a little more flexible to you changing the layout. – Patricia Nov 9 '11 at 18:02
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Try the following

var i $('#TreeView .t-state-selected').next('input');

This solution is a bit more robust because it will guarantee it gets an input element vs simply the next element of any type.

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You can use the siblings() method, which can be given a filter:

var $input = $("#TreeView .t-state-selected").siblings('.t-input');

This will work even if other elements appear later between the span and the input (while next() won't).

jsFiddle Demo

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The JQuery function next() will do this.

var i = $("#TreeView .t-state-selected").next();
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You could use next

var $input = $("#TreeView .t-state-selected").next();
var inputVal = $input.val();
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