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I mean when I publish my web application publisher generate one assembly why ? I like to have different assembly. is it possible ?

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Generally you will have one assembly for each project in your solution. If your solution only includes one project, then you will only have a single assembly. If you want to have multiple assemblies, then architect your solution so that it spans multiple projects. –  Jason Nov 9 '11 at 17:52

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While publishing, compiles all your code files into a single assembly and uploads it with other UI files i.e .aspx or .cshtml. It does so to make your application precomplied for faster performance. Every .net project has a single assembly. If you want to factor your assembly then make different projects according to your liking for getting different dlls.

For further information you visit this video link Deploying A Web Application Using Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Tool

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If it is web application project you can have multiple class libraries and those will be complied in to several assemblies.

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That will require a good amount of work, so I hope that you have a good reason for it, but here is a guide to get you started:;EN-US;307467

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