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I know that I can install Corona in a windows machine (as I just did), but will it be possible to sell the app I'm going to make at the app store? Moreover, if Corona is just for Mac, can I install a virtual machine on my PC so I can fake a Mac environment to make it work?

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CoronaSDK works for iPhone development on Windows and you can sell apps on the appstore without a mac. All you need is an iOS developer account and Corona. Corona will compile your application in the cloud, you don't need a mac or Xcode like you would using other iPhone dev tools.

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I would still recommend testing on a device... –  PsychoDad Feb 13 '12 at 4:16
You do need a Mac to compile the app for iOS, even though you can build the app on windows testing it either on android or in the corona simulator –  Henrik Karlsson Oct 16 '14 at 14:23

No, you must have a Mac to build for iOS.

Per the Corona Website:

"The Corona SDK on Windows only supports building for Android."

"The Corona SDK on Mac supports building for both iOS and Android."

See Corona's Website

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