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I am writing an app in which users will be able to store information that they can specify a REST interface for. IE, store a list of products at /<username>/rest/products. Since the URLs are obviously not known before hand, I was trying to think of the best way to implement dynamic URL creation in Flask. The first way I thought of would be to write a catch-all rule, and route the URL from there. But then I am basically duplicating URL routing capabilities when Flask already has them built-in. So, I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to use .add_url_rule() (docs here, scroll down a bit) to attach them directly to the app. Is there a specific reason this shouldn't be done?

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Every time you execute add_url_rule() the internal routing remaps the URL map. This is neither threadsafe nor fast. I right now don't understand why you need user specific URL rules to be honest. It kinda sounds like you actually want user specific applications mounted?

Maybe this is helpful: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/patterns/appdispatch/

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I have the same requirement i.e. I'm looking for a way to dynamically add new endpoints to an API built with Eve using its register_resource method, which calls add_url_rule internally. Note that this won't happen for every request, only triggered by a hook when a POST to a specific endpoint is received so performance should not be an issue. –  kynan Apr 25 at 20:41
Exactly the same requirement here. Api, that needs adding and removing a new route whenever a PUT request happen at certain route. In my case i'm using flask-restful, but basically is the same. –  Berenlut Sep 26 at 14:00
It seems I can do this in before_request if I use threading.lock, however, I'm not sure how to stop issues with url_for having the following error: ValueError: list modified during sort ERROR:app:Internal Server Error, list modified during sort –  pip Dec 22 at 17:27

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