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Is there a way with the boto python API to specify tags when creating an instance? I'm trying to avoid having to create an instance, fetch it and then add tags. It would be much easier to have the instance either pre-configured to have certain tags or to specify tags when I execute the following command:

        ec2_conn, ami_name, security_group, instance_type_name, key_pair_name, user_data
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Tags cannot be made until the instance has been created. Even though the function is called create_instance, what it's really doing is reserving and instance. Then that instance may or may not be launched. (Usually it is, but sometimes...)

So, you cannot add a tag until it's been launched. And there's no way to tell if it's been launched without polling for it. Like so:

reservation = conn.run_instances( ... )

# NOTE: this isn't ideal, and assumes you're reserving one instance. Use a for loop, ideally.
instance = reservation.instances[0]

# Check up on its status every so often
status = instance.update()
while status == 'pending':
    status = instance.update()

if status == 'running':
    instance.add_tag("Name","{{INSERT NAME}}")
    print('Instance status: ' + status)
    return None

# Now that the status is running, it's not yet launched. The only way to tell if it's fully up is to try to SSH in.
if status == "running":
    retry = True
    while retry:
            # SSH into the box here. I personally use fabric
            retry = False

# If we've reached this point, the instance is up and running, and we can SSH and do as we will with it. Or, there never was an instance to begin with.
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A supplement to this solution might be to use conn.create_tags(instance_id_list,tag_dict) which allows you to add multiple tags to multiple (already created!) instances with one command. –  dghubble Mar 3 '13 at 5:39

Using boto 2.9.6, I'm able to add tags to an instance immediately after getting my response back from run_instances. Something like this works without sleep:

reservation = my_connection.run_instances(...)
for instance in reservation.instances:
    instance.add_tag('Name', <whatever>)

I verified that the instance was still in pending state after successfully adding the tag. It would be easy to wrap this logic in a function similar to that requested by the original post.

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This method has worked for me:

rsvn = image.run(
  ... standard options ...


for instance in rsvn.instances:
   instance.add_tag('<tag name>', <tag value>)
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yeah, that's what my code currently has to do, but as the question stated, I'm looking for a way to either pre-configure tags, or include them in the create_instance command. –  stevebot Nov 9 '11 at 20:28
@stevebot Why? In what way is this method insufficient? –  Zack Bloom Nov 9 '11 at 20:36
You have a sleep(1) which I am assuming is so the instance will boot up and be configured. What if this never happens or takes longer? This means more code.It would be much nicer to have the configuration already taken care of and not have to worry about stalled instances in this case. –  stevebot Nov 10 '11 at 1:34
@ZackBloom, stevebot is right, this snippet depends on the instance launching within a fixed time period. –  dghubble Mar 3 '13 at 5:35

That is not possible by EC2 design, see at: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/APIReference/ApiReference-query-RunInstances.html.

EC2 RunInstances does not support tag information directly. Boto's create_instance follows RunInstances closely.

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