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I was incorporating the OCR in my iPhone app using open source library "tesseract".I have seen some apps on AppStore doing so. I am just wondering how can I segregate the data that it reads from the card, i.e, how will I distinguish between say FirstName and the LastName or between CompanyName and the person's name, how will I distinguish whether the number is Phone# or the Fax# etc.

I wish that there are some standard formats of the Business Cards but I feel that would be hard luck to assume so.Any inkling on that would help a lot.

I posted it over here to gather the thoughts of various developers so that I can come up with some good logic (to make it more accurate) to classify the data that we get from the OCR engine.

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  • Create some guesses how the various text pieces could be interpreted and let the user pick the best one. The format should be pretty standard per country (e.g. in English/German/French etc., the first name is 99.9% in front of the last name)
  • If now guess is good enough, the user can assign the fields himself
  • For the firstname/lastname problem, you could maybe consult a local file or web service with common pre-parsed names in the user's country
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Thanks a lot.User controllable selection would be good.Will consider your suggestions. –  Anurag Nov 9 '11 at 19:31

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