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SELECT stuff REGEXP 'itunes' as is_itunes;

In this MySQL query, if "stuff" has the word "itunes" in it, it will mark it as itunes.

However, I want to say "begin with". How can I check for "begin with" instead of anywhere in the text?

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SELECT ... WHERE stuff LIKE 'itunes%';
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What if instead of itunes use placeholder? Is this correct SELECT ... WHERE stuff LIKE ?'%'; –  user2118559 May 21 '14 at 5:40
What does the % sign convey? –  Skynet Jan 6 at 7:52

Add the caret symbol, it represents the beginning of the string:

SELECT stuff REGEXP '^itunes' as is_itunes;

However, LIKE 'itunes%' as suggested by Marc should be a lot faster, especially if your indexes are set up correctly.

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