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Does anyone know how to test level stationarity of a time series in Matlab as in R? KPSS test can only test trend stationarity in Matlab.

I just found there is a 'trend' parameter for kpsstest in Matlab. Does kpsstest test level stationarity by setting 'trend' to be false ?

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Try adftest from Econometrics Toolbox.

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Thanks. But adftest does not include level stationarity neither. – sinoTrinity Nov 9 '11 at 20:06

You could test for autocorrelation. If a plot of autocorr vs. tau(offset), a correlogram, diminishes to zero you have stationarity.

There is a matlab correlogram plotter on the file exchange:

Also, the rate of decay of the correlogram corresponds to the decay in self-similarity. If adjacent points in a time series are truly random, the ACF decays to zero instantaneously.

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