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Here is what I am trying to get working:

I have the following line in a configuration file


I want to walk a bunch of files and replace that line that starts with subscribed_pages[]= and no matter what the rest of the line is I want it to look like.


I am trying to do this with one file and getting the following error.

sed 's/subscribed_pages[]=.*/subscribed_pages[]=\*/' -i  1288079906.93.57631
sed: -e expression #1, char 46: unterminated `s' command
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You need to escape your [ and ] as \[ and \] in your search pattern.

$ echo 'subscribed_pages[]=WikiPage.ChildPage.*' \
    | sed -e 's/subscribed_pages\[\]=.*/subscribed_pages[]=\*/'
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Besides escaping your brackets, you can avoid typing again the match in the replacement part:

sed -r 's/(subscribed_pages\[\]=).*/\1\*/'

\1 to \9 refer to the nth parenthetized string (a "group" in regex speak)

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