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Because each time I try to assign a word to one it doesn't work and it results in 1, 2, 3 or 4 because there are 4 variables.

set /a dish=0
set /a rfood1=4*%random%/32768+1
IF %rfood1%==1 set /a food1=carrots
IF %rfood1%==2 set /a food1=potatoes
IF %rfood1%==3 set /a food1=cabbage
IF %rfood1%==4 set /a food1=corn

set /a rfood2=4*%random%/32768+1
IF %rfood2%==1 set /a food2=hazelnuts
IF %rfood2%==2 set /a food2=acorns
IF %rfood2%==3 set /a food2=apples
IF %rfood2%==4 set /a food2=strawberries

set /a rfood3=4*%random%/32768+1
IF %rfood3%==1 set /a food3=parsley
IF %rfood3%==2 set /a food3=sage
IF %rfood3%==3 set /a food3=rosemary
IF %rfood3%==4 set /a food3=thyme

echo You make a nice meal from a few %rfood1%, some %rfood2% and scent it with some %rfood3%.

echo You win.
ping localhost -n 5 >nul
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Please show the portion of the script which causes the problem. – wallyk Nov 9 '11 at 19:41
Uodated: It's in the original text. – Zimano Nov 9 '11 at 19:49
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You need to review the description of SET command.

set variable=string assigns the string to the variable. set /A variable=expression evaluate the arithmetic expression and assign the numeric result to the variable. In the expression you may use the value of another variable by just using its name.


Your command set /a food1=carrots mean assign to food1 the same numeric value of carrots; if this variable does not exists or contains a non-numeric value, assign a zero. Perhaps the intended result is set food=carrots?

Also, note that you are NOT displaying the value of food1, food2 or food3 variables that supposedly contains the strings, you just show the values of the rfood... numeric variables...

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