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I've been Googling for an answer for several days now, but most of the solution to similar questions seem to use the deprecated REST-API.

I'm trying to create an event on behalf of a group where I'm the owner, using the Facebook Graph API in PHP. I can publish an event to my own wall and even to a page using a page specific access-token, but since the group doesn't have any access-token I'm using this:{$group_id}/events?" . {$user_access_token}; 

But something is going wrong and the event gets published only with me as the Owner. My permissions are: "stream_publish, user_groups, create_event, manage_pages"

Any Ideas?

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Have you found out how to create a group event? I want to create an event in a group, add a picture and invite the group members. – GroundZero Jul 16 '14 at 0:27

You need to add the undocumented: page_id={$group_id} parameter to your post.

(as well as posting to the groups event stream)

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