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I've been following a guide to integrate the oauth plugin with my rails project. I'm working in windows.

So far I have installed the Oauth gem and the Oauth-plugin gem using the following code:

gem install oauth
gem install oauth-plugin

both of which have completed successfully. It then says to run the following code:

./script/generate oauth_consumer --haml 

which doesn't work, probably since I'm using rails 3.1 so instead I ran:

rails generate oauth_consumer --haml

which returns the following message:

could not find generator auth_consumer

Any ideas what I'm missing? I'm kind of lost and cannot find a better guide.

a better guide would also help...

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If you are not too far along with your implementation I can guide you to a better setup which uses the most popular Devise authentication gem along with the oauth gem. I've used devise for a few projects and it truly is the best authentication option available for Rails at the moment. Devise supports Oauth natively with some configuration. I found this tutorial which might help you:


Setup multiple providers with devise :omniauthable

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