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I would like to store the parameters of multiple complex items in an eclipse application as preferences, which already uses IPreferenceStore as its preference store. For one item I would like to store multiple parameters. Do we have some built-in method to store multiple instances and manipulate them as a java list, or should I resort to one of the following workarounds:

  • a preference storing the number of items, and a naming convention, like

    "mypreference.numitems" -> 2

    "mypreference.0.foo" -> ...

    "mypreference.0.bar" -> ...

    "mypreference.1.foo" -> ...


  • serialize the whole array into one value in a preference (brr...)

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I prefer the later method and often use it. Have a look at PreferenceConverter for the similar conversions for some of the standard types like Color and Font...

In a few cases, where I need to save even more complex structures, I have used JSON-encoded values. Pretty easy!

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You can also use XMLMemento to write out a String and extract out the information when you read it. –  Paul Webster Nov 10 '11 at 12:59

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