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Is there a way to perform database schema generation with the Simple.Data library (similar to how Fluent NHibernate does it)?

If not, is there a way to run DDL (Data Definition Language) commands against a database via the Simple.Data library?

Currently in some integration tests I am creating a SQL CE database on the fly, auto generating the schema (via Fluent NHibernate), running the tests (accessing the database via Simple.Data), then deleting the database after the tests run (for cleanup).

It would be nice to be able to perform the DDL stuff using Simple.Data and remove the Fluent NHibernate dependency.

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I recommend using Fluent Migrator for building DB schema (https://github.com/schambers/fluentmigrator/). It's what Simple.Data migrations would probably look like, so there seems little point reinventing the wheel.

Simple.Data 0.10 will have a new InMemory adapter which is schema-less, to reduce testing friction. Will be out by the end of November.

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