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I have a class that defines a function with default parameters. It works fine as long as function definition is in header file before function that calls it.

However if I move it after the calling function C++ Builder (2010) reports Too few parameters error.

header might be for example:

class TSomething
void CallingFunction();
void Function(int a);

and cpp file might be:

#include "Header.h"

Function(); // "Too few arguments" here...

TSomething::Function(int a = 123)
//... some code here ...

So if calling function is before "Function" it reports Too few parameters. I do not understand why because it includes function definition in #include statement in cpp file. Can anyone tell me how to rearrange this so it accepts properly default arguments? I can move the Function(int a) above the CallingFunction to make it work so far.

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You need to put the default arguments in member function's declaration inside your class:

void Function(int a = 123);

Also, remove the default arguments from the definition outside of your class.

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Thanks... works now. And the minute I typed it in I also understood why it works and my version didn't... dumb...dumb...dumb! In declaration and definition the parameter was always after the calling function. –  Coder12345 Nov 9 '11 at 21:16

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