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    protected override IModuleCatalog CreateModuleCatalog()
        var catalog = base.CreateModuleCatalog();

        var moduleInfo = new ModuleInfo("HelloWorldModule", "Testing.HelloWorldModule"));

        return catalog;

    protected override void ConfigureModuleCatalog()
        ModuleCatalog moduleCatalog = (ModuleCatalog)this.ModuleCatalog;

They both seem to be doing the same thing here, so what's the real difference? I guess I'm asking what you're supposed to do differently from within them (because obviously I can move the code around).

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PRISMs run method first calls CreateModuleCatalog and assigns its return value to BootStrapper.ModuleCatalog. So really you must create the ModuleCatalog there. For configuring you could use either method, the only difference would be, where in the log a potential exception would be shown. The relevant code in MefBootstrapper.Run for example is this:

        this.Logger.Log(Resources.CreatingModuleCatalog, Category.Debug, Priority.Low);
        this.ModuleCatalog = this.CreateModuleCatalog();
        if (this.ModuleCatalog == null)
            throw new InvalidOperationException(Resources.NullModuleCatalogException);

        this.Logger.Log(Resources.ConfiguringModuleCatalog, Category.Debug, Priority.Low);
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