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Here is my Model and Store,

    Ext.regModel('Agent', { fields: [{ name: 'userid', type: 'int' }, { name: 'agentname', type: 'string'}] });

App.stores.agentStore = new{
    model: 'Agent',
    storeId: 'AgentsStoreid',
    proxy: {
        type: 'ajax',
        url: '',
        reader: { type: 'xml', root: 'root', record: 'salesagent' }
    autoLoad: true


I'm setting this store to my selectitem like this

var sel = new Ext.form.Select(
    id: 'Myselectfield',
                             name: 'myagent',
                             label: 'Agent',
                             store: App.stores.agentStore, 
                             displayField: 'agentname',
                             valueFiels: 'userid',
                             placeHolder: 'Click/touch to select options...',

Here is my XML file the server returns

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>











I can see store is getting values from the webserver and I can see the data object with agentname and userid values. We are using Sencha touch 1.1.0. I can now see the values in the selectfield that are populated from the webservice. When I select an item the selected item is not changing to the item I selected. I see the first element in my store as selected. How do we fix this? Please suggest.

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The Sencha touch documentation is so vague. Could have been better with some examples at every property and method to show how to use it. Here is how I fixed my problem. I have to do it with typical Jquery Ajax request.

AgentsArray = new Array(); //Create an Array that saves the Agents    AgentsArray.push({ text: '', value: '0' });

pushAgents = function (data, textStatus, xml_http_req) 
    /*read the agents and IDs from XML and build Array*/
                                     function () 
                                         var agentName = $(this).find('agentname').text();
                                         var agentId = $(this).find('userid').text();
                                         AgentsArray.push({ text: agentName, value: agentId }); // push the items into Array

                                     return AgentsArray;

 function somethingWrong() {
     AgentsArray.push('SomethingWentWrong', '0');
App.Agents = AgentsArray; //Save it in the array and this is specified in the Mainform.js(View). 

            url: '',
            type: 'GET',
            dataType: 'xml',
            data: 'abc=1&def=1&username=123',
            success: pushAgents, 
            errors: somethingWrong

and in MainForm.js the select control goes like this

items: [  {
                                     xtype: 'selectfield',
                                     id: 'selectfield',
                                     name: 'agent',
                                     label: 'Agent',
                                     options: App.Agents,
                                     placeHolder: 'Click to select options...',
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