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public void OnActionExecuting_Always_Call_CheckStatisticActionAuthorization()
    var _ActionExecutingContext = GetActionExecutingContext();
    var _StatisticController = MockRepository.GenerateStub<StatisticsController>();

    _StatisticController.DataContext = fDataContext;

    _StatisticController.OnActionExecuting(_ActionExecutingContext, false);

    _StatisticController.AssertWasCalled(aStatisticController =>

I keep getting NullReferenceException from CheckStatisticActionAuthorization the StatisticController.DataContext is null. What is the problem? Thanks.

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Where does fDataContext come from? You're not creating it anywhere in the sample you provided. – Adam Lear Nov 9 '11 at 22:30
What are the relevant implementation details of StatisticsController? – harlam357 Nov 16 '11 at 20:34

Try out specifying PropertyBehavior() for the DataContext property:

var statisticController = MockRepository.GenerateStub<StatisticsController>(); 
statisticController.Expect(m => m.DataContext).PropertyBehavior();
statisticController.DataContext = fDataContext;

// check whether it set properly
Assert.AreEqual(fDataContext, statisticController.DataContext);

// Act
// ...

// Assert
// ..

See Rhino Mocks Properties for more details

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