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I'm having some serious trouble with tagging people in a wall post. I'm working with CakePHP right now and using the FB API to POST to the Graph API. Here's the code:

    $theMsg1 = $this->Connect->user('name').' tagged ';
    $theMsg2 = $friendName.' on the IF Tag website.';
    $msg1Len = strlen($theMsg1);
    $fbNameLen = strlen($friendName);`

    $fbcall = FB::api($fbID.'/feed', 'POST', array(
        'name'    => $theTag['Tag']['name'],
        'caption' => 'IF Tag is an application that allows you to interact with people on Facebook.',
        'message' => $theMsg1.$theMsg2,
        'message_tags' => array(
            $msg1Len => array(
                'id' => $friendID,
                'name' => $friendName,
                'offset' => $msg1Len,
                'length' => $fbNameLen
            'picture' => '',
            'link' => 'iftag.local'

From what I understand and what I've read I'm supposed to use the message_tags object to tag people in a post but it's not working at all. It doesn't give any errors, just doesn't tag.

I've also tried using @[{userid}:1:{username}] from other posts I've seen but that doesn't seem to work with the current iteration of the API.

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Anyone have any clue? – Logan Best Nov 10 '11 at 22:24
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See my answer here Facebook Graph API Post with_tags option

the gist of it is

I think what you want to use is just "tags" and it should just contain id's as specified here

**note you cannot do this though without also specifying a place

Facebook have now released mention tagging which might be the solution you need but it requires custom open graph actions.

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It is currently not possible to tag a friend in a status update or post via the API. It is in their wishlist here is the link

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