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I came up with a problem right now when my game is almost finish. The problem is that I want the player to be able to play both in landscape mode and portrait. How the player change mode is simple. Before he start the game, a message comes up and lets him decide witch mode he wants to play. Here comes the problem. In the Manifest.xml file - you can tell the game to play on just portrait or just landscape mode. So I wanna use a boolean to show witch one of the modes the player chose. But in xml, there is no "if" that can change the game depence the players choise. So how do I do to change the mode to the that one that the player choose?

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Just use context.setRequestedOrientation() and place your xml inside the layout-land or layout-port folder.

Android will automatically choose the right layout depending on parameter SCREEN_ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE or SCREEN_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT

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I don't want the user to change the screen orientation right in the missle of game, just before and in the options menu. – Daniel Nov 10 '11 at 17:34

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