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I have the following:

def saveAnnotations(annotation: String) = {

    var json = parse(annotation)
    var data: List[AnnotationData] = json.extract[List[AnnotationData]]


        ("room" -> "demo-room"), 
        ("$set" -> ("annotation" -> data))



Where the var "annotation" is a json object array string, e.g

[{"key": "val"},{"key": "val"}]

The field "annotation" is a MongoJsonObjectListField

When compiling I'm recieving the following error:

No implicit view available from (String, List[code.snippet.AnnotationData]) => 
net.liftweb.json.package.JValue.("$set" -> ("annotation" -> data))

I'm sure something simple is missing, any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance :)


I've just noticed that it compiles if I do:


    ("room" -> "demo-room"), 
    ("$set" -> ("annotation" -> ""))


However this obviously sets the annotation field value to an empty string, how would I force the annotation field to be overwritten with the json object array in the data var?

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