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I have this:

Decalre @param int
select * from table where param = @param

sometimes people would like to select records where param is null.

so, something like this:

if @param is null
select * from table where param is null
else select * from table where param =@param

Is it possible to incorporate this in a single query?

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Should be able to cover it off in a where clause:

select * from table where (param =@param) or (param is null and @param is null) 
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Would use the coalesce to replace the null value, will act better on performance than the or i think :

FROM table 
WHERE Coalesce(@param, 1) = Coalesce(param, 1)
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The second argument to Coalesce in each case must be a value that does not appear in the param column, otherwise you'll end up with rows where the param column is null or equal to the second argument. E.g.: CREATE TABLE #MyTable ([Param] int); INSERT INTO #MyTable ([Param]) VALUES (1); INSERT INTO #MyTable ([Param]) VALUES (2); INSERT INTO #MyTable ([Param]) VALUES (NULL); DECLARE @param int; SELECT * FROM #MyTable WHERE COALESCE(@param, 1) = COALESCE([Param], 1); Result: 1 NULL – Ɖiamond ǤeezeƦ Jan 19 '12 at 17:11
Sorry, stackoverflow removed the formatting was removed from my example SQL in the last comment :-( – Ɖiamond ǤeezeƦ Jan 19 '12 at 17:12
from table 
where (@param is null AND param is null) OR (@param is not null AND param = @param)
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