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I don't know if I have suffered some brain or sight damage, but I can't understand behavior of this code:

echo $po.'*'.$po2.'=';
if($po*$po2) $po=1;
echo $po;

I'd expect the output to be 1*0=0, but actually it's 1*0=1.

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$po is always 1. You initialize it to 1, and later in your if case, you have no else. So it remains 1.

Instead, add an `else:

$po = 1;
$po2 = 0;
echo $po.'*'.$po2.'=';
if ($po * $po2) {

  // Unnecessary - it's already 1
  $po = 1;
// Set it to 0...
else {
  $po = 0;
echo $po;
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Oh, many thanks, haha –  user965748 Nov 10 '11 at 1:59

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