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I am updating some SQL Server 2000 code to SQL Server 2008R2, and there is function that looks a lot like this for converting the time into 24 hour format. What is a cooler/more clever way to do that in TSQL?


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It would help if examples of desired output were posted. – user166390 Nov 10 '11 at 2:18
Links to external sites that ask your question aren't acceptable, because if the external site goes down or disappears your question becomes meaningless. Also, they're not searchable - the content isn't here. Please edit your post and put the actual question in it, and as @pst said post the sample output you're trying to obtain and information on the source of the "time" you're using (for instance, is it from an actual DATETIME column, or is it from a CHAR/VARCHAR column?). Please remember we know absolutely nothing about your data or code other than what you tell us here. Thanks. – Ken White Nov 10 '11 at 2:34

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If all you want is just military time:

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I suggest you check out the CONVERT() function:

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If you want time till second, then use this:

       CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), GETDATE(), 108) 'hh:mi:ss'

IF you want time till millisecond, then use this:

    CONVERT(VARCHAR(12),GETDATE(),114) 'hh:mi:ss:mmm'

GETDATE() is used for current date you can pass any variable here.

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