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I have an "attend" button that allows the user to attend an event. If the user is not signed in, it redirects to the sign in page. After signing in, it redirects back to the attend method but says there is no such route. Here's the error:

No route matches "/events/13/attend"

Here's my session create method:

def create
  user = User.authenticate(params[:session][:email], params[:session][:password])
  if user.nil?
    flash.now[:error] = "Invalid email/password combination."
    @title = "Sign in"
    render 'new'
    sign_in user
    redirect_back_or user

and my attend method:

def attend
  session[:return_to] = request.referrer
  @event = Event.find(params[:id])
  if @event.users.include?(current_user)
    flash[:error] = "You're already attending this event."
    current_user.events << @event
    flash[:success] = "Attending event!"
  redirect_to session[:return_to]

and my routes:

resources :events do
  member do
    post :attend
    post "/remove_attendee/:user_id" => "events#remove_attendee", :as=>:remove_attendee
    post "/edit" => "events#edit"

I know i'm doing something wrong with the redirect somehow. Maybe I need to specify something in my routes?

Edit: here is what is redirecting to signin:

  before_filter :authenticate, :only => [:my_events,
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Is there something missing here? A before_filter perhaps? I can't see where the users get redirected to create a session. – thomasfedb Nov 10 '11 at 5:02
added the redirect – Matthew Berman Nov 10 '11 at 5:14
Where is redirect_back_or from? It's not in the rails docs. – thomasfedb Nov 10 '11 at 5:19
try changing redirect_back_or to redirect_to request.env["HTTP_REFERER"] || [user] – thomasfedb Nov 10 '11 at 5:21
@thomasfedb might be older rails code...i got it from the ruby on rails tutorial book – Matthew Berman Nov 10 '11 at 5:53

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