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I am using shared memory functions, to write data into file. Problem: When I want to write the buffer 10MB, to file using below function, i am able to write only in first iteration, second iteration i could not write buffer next part in to memory. please help me if any suggestion. or any wrong in the below code. i have only control on this part. i dont have control in other part which has CreateFileMapping.

any thing i need to change in "dwFileOffsetLow" or "dwFileOffsetHigh". from second iteration onwards the "MapViewOfFile" returning null. Some place i got input as I need to repeate call MapViewOfFile different ranges. But how to call, any help? previously asked question on this. For reference!

WriteBuffer function i defined as follows:

BOOL CWriter::Write(char* pMemName,char* pBinary,long lBuffSize)
long lUnitSize = MEM_UNIT_SIZE;
if( lBuffSize <= 0 && lUnitSize <=0 )
    return FALSE;
//Open named file mapping object.
HANDLE hFileMMF = OpenFileMapping(FILE_MAP_WRITE,FALSE,pMemName);

if(hFileMMF == NULL)
    DWORD dwErr = GetLastError();
    return (FALSE);

int nCount = 0;
nCount = (int)(lBuffSize / lUnitSize) + 1;
for(int n =0; n<nCount; ++n)
    DWORD dwFileOffsetHigh = 0;
    DWORD dwFileOffsetLow = lUnitSize*n;

    // Map  view of a file mapping into the address space of a calling process.
    LPVOID pViewMMFFile = MapViewOfFile(hFileMMF,
    if( pViewMMFFile == NULL )
        return (FALSE);
    CMutex mutex (FALSE, _T("MIPSMMMutexWriter"));
    CString strTemp;

    // Lock memory, shared amongst processes
        CopyMemory(pViewMMFFile,pBinary,lUnitSize); // write 
    catch(CException e)
        DWORD dw = ::GetLastError();
    mutex.Unlock(); // Unlock shared memory
    //Unmap mapped view of a file from the calling process's address space.
return (TRUE);

Pls suggestme if any correction i should do. thanks.

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as described in the following link,


can you please check "allocation granularity", I think you should use this parameter to set the values for "dwFileOffsetLow" or "dwFileOffsetHigh".

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codeguru.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-284578.html thanks man. i am trying this too. but still i could not get the solution. –  Haranadh Gupta Nov 10 '11 at 11:21
Arjun, i tried with granularity also. it is failing in second iteration. and it is giving in second iteration as AccessDenied error when i tri with getlasterror it returned errorcode 5. :( –  Haranadh Gupta Nov 14 '11 at 6:02
Hi Arjun, It seems, i need to use setEndOfFile, and SetFilePointer functions. will try ... Found in link: Mapped File May Not be Automatically Grown –  Haranadh Gupta Nov 15 '11 at 7:31

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